Demolition Derby 2: Reviews and Guides

Developer: Beer Money Game!
Publisher: Beer Money Game!
Genre: Adventure

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The game will start at your garage and you’ll see the most game feature available for you. The prospect of the game are the new players so this phase is only for you to choose the car you shall start with. There are many options for the car that available but every car has a required certain condition for you to unlocked.

Create and Customize Your Favorite Car

Create and Customize Your Favorite Car

There is a great idea in which the game developer added a car selection phase where you can write a review for your own favorite car that you want to see in the game during the upcoming updates.

They are giving the players a big opportunity to create and customize their dream car and they also helping the game to become much better version. Continue reading my review to learn more about the game and how they run so far.

After you choose the car that you’re going to used in the game, then you’ll automatically go with the customization center. In this part, the special parts and control over the game is in your hands.

If you want to make your car like a real racing car then you should enter their name over the car side and their number as well. We all know that the car in the starting point of the game is not really strong that could fit into the racing tack but please don’t stop customizing your car and making it look like a real car.

Upgrade Your Car and Be the Monster of the Road

Upgrade Your Car in Demolition Derby 2

We’ve talked about the customization of your car but this is only the appearance of your car. We never mentioned the most important part of your car which is the interior and mechanism.

You can upgrade the engines of your car to achieve the overall maximum speed. Also equip the nitrous and it means the top speed will become available for you. Take note, these upgrades need tons of coins.

Band of Brothers: Fury Tank Reviews and Guides

Developer: Band Of Brothers
Publisher: Band Of Brothers
Genre: Strategy
Released: June 9, 2017

reviews and guides Band of Brothers Fury Tank

Band of Brothers: Fury Tank is a modern warfare and a strategy game. On this game you should hold an armored force and make it as the most armored legion gradually. Develop your territory and with the help of your alliance, defeat the enemies and set your fate and victory. Let the tanks make a buzzing up.

How to Register and Complete with your friends in Band of Brothers

As you open the game, it will ask you to register in the game. It is a completely online server and lot of your friends and other players are waiting for you to play. The game also has the offline mode. You can choose between the two different phases. The first one is the Journey to North America and it contains eleven levels and the second one is the Caribbean Sea which contains twelve levels.


Select the character you want, its either a male or female general. Do not forget to enter your name. Remember, when entering a name you should make it unique and special so that other players easily to recognized you. After that, select your country and start your fight among all the countries that are there in real life.

The tutorial of The Band Of Brothers Fury Tank is great to learn. It explains everything about how to play the game. Once you enter your first mission the tips of the game will tell you that you should tap your own tank if you want to start the battle.

Develop Your Empire 

If you want to improve your tank, you must build and expand your empire and then upgrade the existing building. For example, HQ building is one of the most important building in the empire so you must upgrade this to unlock new building and functions. It can expand the production capacity and the storage of the 5 types of resources. It means you can get 1 normal resource point for every two levels but has its max 40 points for one level. You can also have the Uranium Mine that unlocks every ten levels.

Build the Farms, Ore Mines and Oils Wells. The farm can store up to 8.4k foods because it can produce 240 foods units per hour; each level of this can provides two prosperity units. Ore Mine produces 120 ore per hour and can store up to 4.2k ores and each level provides four prosperity points. Oil Well produces 180 oil per hour and can store up to 6.3k of oil and each level of this can provides three prosperity points.

At the right edge of your device screen, you can see The Band Of Brothers Fury Tank game shop. This is the place where you can get the needed food, oil, uranium, ore and the rare earth. At the same store, you can improve lots of buffs and the productivity increase. There is also a section that the speed up building and many others special packs are located. Explore the game by yourself and enjoy playing.

The Mummy Dark Universe Stories: Reviews

Developer: Nbcuniversal Media, Llc
Publisher: Nbcuniversal Media, Llc
Genre: Adventure
Release: June 18, 2017

The Mummy Dark Universe Stories guides and tips

The Mummy Dark Universe is really good to play. It brings you the living story as it is your own story. It let you decide what you want to do and you can make your own choices .

As the game begins, the game will tell you to access your media, photos, and other files on your device. If you are agree to their terms just simply tap the allow button, and it will download some data for the first time. “Is that it Stop”, the first chapter of the game and begins in Al Fayum Egypt.

It is well design by the universal studios so this is a big opportunity to be the game of the year, plus the graphics  and the soundtracks makes the game unbelievable and brings you to the game. This is a great game what we expected from a huge company.

The first tip on playing this game is, you must watch the  movie first to page so that   you’ll able to know what is really happening and just simply follow the story for the best results. Just continue playing so that you can improve the gameplay.  Enjoy the game and Feel it inside.

Fight League Reviews and Guides

Developer: Xflag, Inc.
Publisher: Xflag, Inc.
Genre: Board / Card
Released: Jun 21, 2017

Fight League reviews and guides

Start creating your own unique techniques and moves and play with the champions  by combining their powers together. This is how the game played despite of the lack of rules but you have to find the right formula of the skills to serve your needs.

The Cinematic Video will show the characters that available in the game then you  must press the button to start. This is simply allow you to enter the real world of fight league and you are able to take you into the next step.

There is a problem that faces toys may have encountered in terms of their low health points. They are easily to be defeat, be the target and a big possibility that they will get eliminated in the scene with a few hits only. Be careful, keep your distance away from your enemies, bring and use the proper cover as well. While playing this tricky brand you have to sacrifice because this is one of the best way to see the best result you have control over a toy of the dead.

You’ll see the over view of the battle field as the game begins. Your heroes is on the bottom side while your enemy is on the opposite side of the map. Don’t forget your main goal here, defeat the leader and eliminate him from the scene. The enemy leader is the fighter on the platform, he has stronger powers and high attributes compare to the normal soldier. Be ready to take them with the  minimum number of causalities.

Techniques in Fight League 

Reduce the enemy leader’s HP to zero. You can also win the battle by by upgrading your army and think plans properly, you are going to win any combat so you must do your best while playing. Drag your soldier on the battle and each soldier shall only consume a certain of amount of points.

Build and Upgrade your Team

Look at your fighter in the field once you hit the enemy leader. The arrows around them show the directions they will attack you with their fight arts. They have their own specials attack and powers. The strongest has his rare and unique attacks.

At the final push, you should prepare yourself for the exciting moment, fight with your friends and join forces. They will active the chains and do some additional damage. Do consistent damage to your enemy for the higher damage.

Star Fleet-Galaxy Warship: Reviews and Guides

Developer: Aok Game
Publisher: Aok Game
Genre: Strategy
Released: May 25, 2017


Easy and Quick Instructions for Beginners

At the beginning of the game you’ll create an account or login as a guest. If you want to save safely your game data or secure from the factors or causing it to be lost then I recommend to you to create a brand new account.

Let’s move on to server selection process. If you want a lag free experience and ensure or reduce the latency of the game then you should pick up the server that is very close to your region. By the help of this, you’ll enjoy the game and experience the true colors of Star Fleet-Galaxy Warship.

Create  your Character

The reinforcement are waiting for you to confirm your identity before they continue into the combat. You should enter a unique nickname or not against to the game rules. They also asking for your character gender whether you are a male or female for the sake of interesting journey. When you are done with the creation of character just simply tap the confirmation button located down below.

Be the Leader of your Army

The first mission that you’ll be encounter is, you need to defend the base and send the enemies back off under any cost. Honestly, you are not going to do anything but simply watch the battle and the soldiers are the one who will be handling everything on your behalf at this battle. Well this is  just a fast interview over the reality battle.

Lets move from the heart of the game which is your base. You need to reconstruct it by your hard work. Ready yourself for giving the orders for the followers to improve your base.

Reconstruct your Base

Reconstruct your Base

If your base suffered from a heavy loses cause by the lethal attack then this is s sign that you’re in a situation that you need to increase the fleets number and added of coming at a cost. So I suggest to you that you must apply the reliable options to cover up the improvements that you’ll be apply to your base.

Increase Your Fleet Powers 

It’s complicated to create a new fleet because it takes more time until it is completed especially  when you are speaking about the big numbers of starships. This is the time when stars are starts to shine because it have a special ability to do everything instantly.

If you’re done creating your new fleet then you don’t have to worry, because you can enter in a training ground  to test and see how capable their doing.

Dino World Speed Car Racing: Reviews and Guide

Dino World Speed Car Racing reviews and guides

Be the new adventurer with your new racing car. All you have to do is to prepare yourself in a crazy challenging maps and places. Jump directly into your car and enjoy the journey of your race.

Login with your Facebook account so that  the game data will saved directly and save you from any data lost that related to the game. It also help you to access your current game if you decided to uninstall the game and reinstall it again.


game control in Dino World Speed Car Racing

There is a reward in a certain of time. Sometimes it’s consisted of a car or other things that will help you on the racing track. Lets move on about the game control. The acceleration button is located at the right side of the screen. This button is responsible for moving the car forward. On the other side, is the bottom left corner of course. This is the button that you are going to use to swing  your car from the left to right direction. Remember, your main goal in this game is to keep your car stable as long as you can, so do not keep more tension when you are using the swing button. The game is a 2D, so its means there are no many buttons and directions you are going to control. One button is more than enough for you.

Survive In All Obstacles

In order you to past the obstacles, you need to fly high because this is the only way to survive. Search for the flying dragon and mount it if you want to go in different obstacles and to explore in the game. Keep on your eyes the highest obstacles and get up or down depending on the changing scales of the track.

coins in Dino World Speed Car Racing

There is a small window that full of detailed report which included the  performance on the track. Complete races as many as you can to help you earn more balance of coins. You can purchased new cars by the help of your coins, so collect them all. This review gives you an effort and nothing to worry about anything else.

GunboundM Reviews and Guides

Developer: Dargomstudio Co.,ltd
Publisher: Dargomstudio Co.,ltd
Genre: Casual
Released: Jun 12, 2017

GunboundM reviews and guides

GunboundM is one of the expected mobile games. Train and do your own calculations correctly while playing  because this is the time to shine and express your true abilities techniques in this game.

At first, you should follow the simple tutorial of the game. You should be playing against the AI master so that you will learn the basic control and know how the game is being played. Put in your mind that this quick introduction  has a very big impact to your game. Touch the training button and the training will be start. After this, you  can now fight with each other master. Exciting right?

There are  many training games here so you can also get more and better reward if you win the consecutive games. Three types of levels that the game has. The Easy Level, Medium Level and followed by Hard Level. Medium and Hard level has an entry fee because it is recommended and in this level you can actually test your playing skills.

Techniques to Hit the Target in GunboundM 

Drag the power -point and then move it to control shooting, strength and angle. Once you are ready to release shot, then push the fire button and you’ll be happy because your enemies will be scattered into small piece.

If you want a faster improvement then simply follow my simple guides. Remember the firing techniques is the most difficult to learn in the game. It requires more practice for a long period of time or by adjusting the angle and shooting the target.

Controls of GunboundM

You can see the controls for powers and abilities at the bottom side of the screen and you will be able to use the special skills and attacking hits. The fire button is located right at the middle of the screen. While at top left corner, you will see the detailed about your profile added by your current level and the chatting window.

As possible, select the strongest weapons. Touch the weapons icons located below if you want to change your weapon.

There is a time limit especially in the online matches. Your enemies would not wait for you until you become ready to play. If the selected time is over then your turn will be skipped automatically. DO NOT spend your time thinking for too long for your optimal attack.