Garfield GO: Tips, Techniques and Strategy Guides

Developer: Freeze Tag
Publisher: Freeze Tag
Genre: Action
Released: June 13, 2017

Garfield GO! is the new real world of Garfield. This is a treasuring hunting game featured by your favorite orange cat. Garfield need your help to find his comic collection buried around the world. Get them all back in Garfield’s hand while collecting hidden chest along your way. Exchange these for some cool prizes, including real-life prizes. Feed Garfield with his favorite food so that he’ll help you find these treasures.

Garfield GO Tips, Techniques and Strategy Guides

  1. Are you trying to keep food cost down?  All you have to do is a little preparations. If you are planning to unlock any chest on your next ride then simply bake a food item for each of these and you won’t need to spend a dime.
  2. Do you need more food? Go to minigames location, play and try winning some free foods. Continue playing until you get more rounds so that you’ll receive better food item. Each round you’ll also receive a coin bonus which can help you to buy even so much food.
  3. If you want to pan the map then simply drag it with your one finger and by pinching motions with your 2 fingers, you can zoom in or out. It allows you to look more coins in other locations- simply tap (FIND) and minigames and coins should load up in a jiffy
  4. Trinket sets will jump to the top of the lists if it’s completed but check your trinket set first before you trade
  5. You can see the requirements by tapping the badge.
  6. If you think that turning your camera on every time you open a chest is draining battery then you may turn AR mode off if you want. Just go into (Main Menu) ->(Setting) -> Uncheck (AR Mode).
  7. To jump on the first panel of the comic strip, just tap any of the comic number at the top of each comic selection.
  8. When you are going to feed Garfield, the highest value food is the first choice and automatically selected by the game  but don’t worry you can always change this setting. Always tap the (Change Food) button if you want to change food and save it for later.
  9. If you observe that you need to click the food to one side of your screen in AR Mode, the you can move your device so that  the bowl and Garfield are on that side- Both  doesn’t have to be in the center of your screen.
  10. Move your device up and down especially when you are using the hot and cold meter to find Garfield. Well, he will not appear at the height that you’re expecting.

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow Guides and Tips

Developer: Tinyco
Publisher: Tinyco
Genre: Adventure
Released: April 4, 2017

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow is an RPG and a city building game. The unique blend of the game is here, create and keep your New New York. You can also enjoy the different characters and aliens. Buckle your seat belts, blast off into into space now and enjoy playing!

Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow Guides and Tips

You need to build your town before you can do any missions and battles in the game. Build the necessary structure and start upgrading them as much as you can. You also need to choose a crew and let them work for you when you are not taking a missions. Each character has their unique ability. You must have the right character on the game  because it is a  big help for you to generate more income.

The Battle Rings

Timing is needed in the game. You can highly damage  or reduce damage if you have a perfect timing as you learned in the tutorial. Keeping your eyes on both sides of the screen is a great practice for you to have a proper time taps. If you want to prepare for anything just keep looking back and forth. Always defend your land.

The Hypnowaves in Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow

The Hypnowaves

There is so many Hypnowaves after you expand your area. You have a worker named Robot 1-X, you can set this to clear all Hypnowaves that are covering or just set it to construct your building. Unlock these robots using your premium currency. Remember, the faster you clear all Hypnowaves the more areas you can build.

Achieve Your Missions

Go with your characters if you want to go on a mission. You can bring the one who is not working or just cancel the work and bring them along. Your mission coast fuel and U.S.S Planet Express Ship is your on board ship. Don’t worry about your fuel because it charges over time. Let your characters do anything if you are not going to take a mission. They can earn points, experience and can also generate money and this is the perfect way to unlock another character.

Don’t forget the battles rings. Simply wait for the perfect time to tap so that you can perform  great and can deal a lot of damage.

Merge Dragons: Guides and Tips

The world is in danger and the only way to save it, is by the help of the magical power of dragons. All you have to do is to combine all the things in order to heal the world. You need to complete the  hundreds level in your hands. If you want to create powerful items you should combine the buildings, plants and dragons. Be patient, because healing the land needs more efforts.

Merge Dragons reviews, guides and tips

Combine The Things 

This is game is very unique than to other puzzle game because it contains a great twist and gives you a right to merge the things that you want. You’ll meet an object in each level and you must finish it to complete. If you already meet the objects then have fun by combining them just to earn more points. Explore the game to know more different combinations.

Get The Dragons And Use Them

Since the main goal of the game is to save the world so combining dragons is a great idea. Hatch the eggs before you can combine the three of them. Remember, Dragons also help you to provide the different items where you can used to combined and produce another item that you’ll need in the game.

Heal The Dead Lands

You’ll notice the grey areas or dead land on the game. Take note, you can’t move items on the land unless it’s healed. It so easy to heal the land, you only need to combine objects and the dead areas will be healed. You can’t predict which part of the land will be healed so you must  continue combining object until you get the parts that you really want.

Create your Camp

Camp is  like a small village where you can run and this will be your headquarters.  Your camp needs a little bit of fixing after getting this. By the help of items that you receive from the different levels, then you can build and fix your camp according to the things that you want. You can also use the dragon eggs to expand the area of your camp. Building  your camp is not so much necessary but this is a great addition to your game. It allows you to customized the things you want and also  gives a town building.

Save the world’s life now! Start combining items and create a magical handiwork.

Race Kings Reviews, Guides and Tips

Race Kings is a new exciting racing car duel. This game is a live multiplayer game, it means you’ll fight with another racer. Your opponent is durable but if you use your skills and strategy for sure you’ll get stronger than them.

Learn and Practice your boost

If you want to create a nice boost then start hitting the gas when the starting light turns green.  Remember this boost can lead you to loss or victory. It always depends on how close your car’s  stats to your opponent but this is great if you get the good timing.

In this game, be too late than too early in. You’ll your race instantly if you hit your gas before the light is green. This is not a good idea and a really a bad lose where you can get in a single blink of eye.

Keep Your Speed Leveled

Keep your speed high after you entered in a drift.  Never allow your speed drop too low or too high. You Drift score only increases independently but it accelerate faster when your speed is high.

Know when to quit!

There is a re-matching option after the race has ended. Sometimes having a rematch with your opponent is a great idea just to boost your pride, especially when you beat them. If you lose in the game or in rematch just learn and known when to quit. It’s better to be back off and find a new opponents that  has an equal stats to yours.

Watch Your Edge Reset!

Your edge will reset if the track changes in your selected cup but don’t worry your upgrades will still remain. It is important to upgrade your car while waiting for the next rotation and you should be aware of this. At the top of your screen you can check your time left in the current rotation. Take note, don’t wait for the track to change because you can set a queue up to upgrade but not actually fit.

Complete Your Goals and Collect All Free Keys

Every hour there’s a Bronze key for you and let you open the Bronze Chest. Usually it contains a small amount  but sometimes it helps a lot. There is also a other challenges where you can complete them while racing cup.  Don’t forget about the goals, it can gives amount of cash.

Sonic the Hedgehog Reviews and Guides

Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Action
Released: June 24 2017

Sonic the Hedgehog reviews and guides.jpg

You’ll be amazed on the graphics of  Sonic the Hedgehog. At the beginning of the game, it will ask you to enter your age and it was rated for four plus. This is game is safe for your children to play and this is also bring you back and relive your childhood and you will never let go of your mobile again. Play with the children and enjoy.

The Main Goal in Sonic the Hedgehog

main goal in Sonic the Hedgehog

Your main goal in the game is to stop Drop Eggmani (AKA Dr. Ivo Robotnik) for invading the south island in his diabolical quest to get the legendary chaos Emerald. The bad scientist is getting the innocent animals and used them to power his mechanical creations. Remember that South Island is littered with full dangerous traps so help sonic to help and rescue his animal friend. Protect and prevent the chaos Emerald from falling into the mad scientist Dr. Ivo Robotnik hands.

Controls of Sonic the Hedgehog

Controls of Sonic the Hedgehog

Learn the control of  Sonic the Hedgehog.  You can move Sonic by the D- pad. You can move him up or to down down. If you want to jump or to Spin Dash simply tap the D-pad. Last, you can pause the game by the help of pause button.

Spin attack is the first move you can have. Simply tap down on the D-pad  while moving to perform  this move.

Second is the Spin Dash. You can do this attack while standing, just touch and hold down and click the button to rev up. If you want to increase the power of Spin Dash, just keep tapping  before you release the D pad.

The third one is the flying (as Tails). Flying is a special move. Keep tapping the jump button while you’re in  the air to spin tails.

Next is Gliding (as Knuckles), after you jump, just touch and hold the jump button to perform the Gliding move.

Last but not the least, is the Climbing move (as Knuckles), move to a wall and tap up and down to climb wall.

The Special Stage

The large golden ring will automatically appear on your screen if you reach your goal while carrying fifty rings or more.

Jump in the large golden ring to enter the Special Stage and then ricochet off the multicolored blocks in a 360 degree rotating maze.

Demolition Derby 2: Reviews and Guides

Developer: Beer Money Game!
Publisher: Beer Money Game!
Genre: Adventure

Demolition Derby 2 reviews and Guides.jpg

The game will start at your garage and you’ll see the most game feature available for you. The prospect of the game are the new players so this phase is only for you to choose the car you shall start with. There are many options for the car that available but every car has a required certain condition for you to unlocked.

Create and Customize Your Favorite Car

Create and Customize Your Favorite Car

There is a great idea in which the game developer added a car selection phase where you can write a review for your own favorite car that you want to see in the game during the upcoming updates.

They are giving the players a big opportunity to create and customize their dream car and they also helping the game to become much better version. Continue reading my review to learn more about the game and how they run so far.

After you choose the car that you’re going to used in the game, then you’ll automatically go with the customization center. In this part, the special parts and control over the game is in your hands.

If you want to make your car like a real racing car then you should enter their name over the car side and their number as well. We all know that the car in the starting point of the game is not really strong that could fit into the racing tack but please don’t stop customizing your car and making it look like a real car.

Upgrade Your Car and Be the Monster of the Road

Upgrade Your Car in Demolition Derby 2

We’ve talked about the customization of your car but this is only the appearance of your car. We never mentioned the most important part of your car which is the interior and mechanism.

You can upgrade the engines of your car to achieve the overall maximum speed. Also equip the nitrous and it means the top speed will become available for you. Take note, these upgrades need tons of coins.

The Mummy Dark Universe Stories: Reviews

Developer: Nbcuniversal Media, Llc
Publisher: Nbcuniversal Media, Llc
Genre: Adventure
Release: June 18, 2017

The Mummy Dark Universe Stories guides and tips

The Mummy Dark Universe is really good to play. It brings you the living story as it is your own story. It let you decide what you want to do and you can make your own choices .

As the game begins, the game will tell you to access your media, photos, and other files on your device. If you are agree to their terms just simply tap the allow button, and it will download some data for the first time. “Is that it Stop”, the first chapter of the game and begins in Al Fayum Egypt.

It is well design by the universal studios so this is a big opportunity to be the game of the year, plus the graphics  and the soundtracks makes the game unbelievable and brings you to the game. This is a great game what we expected from a huge company.

The first tip on playing this game is, you must watch the  movie first to page so that   you’ll able to know what is really happening and just simply follow the story for the best results. Just continue playing so that you can improve the gameplay.  Enjoy the game and Feel it inside.